Extender 2022

Extender Lead George Jahnke

U10s Lead Ike Tapine

U12s Lead George Jahnke

U14s Lead Corey Burt

Extender Touch PAL Booklet 2022-23 (First draft).docx

WTA Coaching Values

To become the best possible agency to foster the game of Touch in the Wellington region.


We do the right thing, we do what we say we will do, we are worthy of trust, we have integrity, courage and we act with conviction.


We welcome all to our game. We recognise that input from a wide group of people is a good thing; that no one group has all the best ideas. If all volunteers do their small parts then the collective will thrive.


We do the right thing and ask for the best of everyone around us - players, management and administrators.


We aim to make all levels of our game as widely accessible as possible.


We strive for excellence at all levels of the game and do not settle for second best.


We will develop relationships with good people/organisations that have similar goals and values to ourselves in order to develop our game positively.

Continuous Learning

We recognise that successful organisations continue to innovate and encourage creative thinking. We will try new things and learn from them. To remain relevant today we must stay one step ahead and be ready for tomorrow.


We work together, uniting our energy with the best intentions in mind. We are professionals in our discipline.